Pet-Friendly Plants Safe for Fido and Fluffy

Are you a dog mom or cat lover that is constantly careful about which of your favorite plants will keep your pets happy and healthy? All pet owners take great measures to ensure the safety of our furry friends, but sometimes danger can come from unexpected places… like your lovely new container garden.

Whether you are a new pet parent researching what nontoxic plants to add to your collection or you have company coming in, no need to worry! Being pet parents ourselves, we have crafted a list of the best pet friendly plants with which to adorn your home.

Indoor Plants

  • Parlor palms are a wonderful solution for beginner gardeners, as they grow slowly and thrive on little sunlight. They range from a few inches to three feet in height, making them a great addition for tabletop decorations, terrariums, and other small spaces inside a house.
  • If you would like to add a touch of elegance, try growing phalaenopsis o This common plant will be a familiar face to you if you frequent floral shops. While they stay in bloom for a few weeks at a time, their petals are completely harmless to animals.
  • If you are looking for that subtle pop of color without the hassle of petal cleanup, then give the polka dot plant a try! Available in an array of colors such as white and pink, these fun little plants are as versatile as they are whimsical.

Outdoor Plants

  • A cheerful annual, the marigold, will add a rich golden hue to your garden that you and your human and animal companions can enjoy. Specifically, look for the calendula genu.
  • We have great news for the pet-loving cooks out there: Fennel is a safe and fun addition for your garden! The tasty bulb and feathery foliage will provide a whimsical look and will allow you not to worry.
  • Who doesn’t love a colorful bunch of snapdragons? Easy to grow and with a wide range of colors, there is now no excuse for you and your pets not to enjoy this beautiful bloom!

With pets come curiosity. Young puppies and kittens love to sniff around and even snack on the beautiful plants you have added to your home. While these plants may not be toxic to your pet, it is always best practice to keep a close eye on how curious your animals can really be. If you encounter any worrisome symptoms, immediately contact your vet and provide the name of the plant that may have caused the issue.

For a complete list of toxic and nontoxic plants for dogs, cats, and horses, contact The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

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